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Develop a Positive AttitudeDevelop a Positive Attitude


How to Develop a Positive Attitude

A negative attitude can ruin your motivation and make you unpleasant to be with. Develop a positive attitude and you quickly become a happier, more motivating person. The next time you are tempted to make a negative comment about nutritious eating and exercise, remember these four things to improve your outlook and your health.

Stop Labeling Things as Good or Bad

It’s easy to look at things as either good or bad, but labeling every choice you make in this way sets you up for a poor self-image. It starts with labeling foods as good or bad, then that same attitude extends to how you view yourself. You were good yesterday and bad today. Then, instead of getting the full enjoyment out of having an occasional dessert, you consider yourself bad for having a treat. Make a conscious effort to stop using the labels, good and bad. Replace “I was good yesterday” with “I felt great yesterday.” Instead of saying, “I’m going to be bad and order cake,” say, “I’m going to enjoy a piece of cake.”

Limit the Use of the Word Healthy

The word healthy helps to define a food or activity that is good for you, but it can easily be overused. By saying you are going to be healthy today, you are indicating that this isn't your normal practice. Once you stop labeling a salad as a healthy lunch and simply consider it lunch, being healthy becomes your normal way of living.

Drop the Judgements

You are more than what you choose to eat and how you choose to exercise. Eating nutritious foods and being active are important components of a healthy lifestyle, but you are not a bad person if you choose to skip a workout. Stop judging yourself based on these criteria. Embrace that you need a day off from the gym, stay mindful, and enjoy it. The more you judge yourself, the worse you will feel about yourself. This only leads to a poor attitude that can get in the way of reaching your fitness goals. Work around the limitations you have, and find ways to include healthy habits. When you fall short, don’t beat yourself up about it. Recommit to your goals and make tomorrow better.

Use, I Get To

When you say, “I have to,” you put the task into the same category as a chore. It signals to you that it’s not necessarily something you enjoy. By simply using the phrase “I get to,” you completely change your outlook on the activity. “I get to” reflects a privilege and something that you look forward to. Try it for a day, and see how this phrase can improve your outlook.

Lori Rice, M.S., is a nutritional scientist and author with a passion for healthy cooking, exercise physiology, and food photography.
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