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Foods that Improve Blood PressureFoods that Improve Blood Pressure


Foods to Improve Blood Pressure

Your diet plays an important role in blood pressure regulation. While most of us know we should limit our sodium intake, we should also eat foods rich in potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Eating a wide-ranging diet filled with fruits and vegetables can also help lower blood pressure by providing fiber, nitrates, and other plant nutrients.


Bananas are packed with potassium, which has been shown to decrease the harmful effects of sodium.


Anthocyanins are the plant compounds in berries that give them their deep red, purple, and blue hue. They have been found to reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure.


Beets and beet juice contain nitrates, which help keep blood vessels healthy. Researchers believe this may be why beets can lower blood pressure.


All varieties of beans are loaded with heart-healthy nutrients. The soluble fiber, magnesium, and potassium in beans have been linked to improved blood pressure.

Low-fat Dairy

Low-fat milk and yogurt contain calcium and vitamin D that may work together to reduce blood pressure. There is also evidence that the positive effects of dairy on heart health are due to compounds such as milk peptides formed when dairy is digested. Similar results have not been found with high-fat dairy.


Nectarines (and other stone fruits such as peaches and plums) are rich in potassium, magnesium, and fiber.


Spinach is rich in potassium and magnesium and low in sodium. Like beets, spinach also contains beneficial nitrates. This balance in nutrients is a key factor in reducing blood pressure.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes provide calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Eating the skin in addition to the flesh will boost your intake of magnesium and potassium.


Lori Rice, M.S., is a nutritional scientist and author with a passion for healthy cooking, exercise physiology, and food photography.
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