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Spring Clean Your Fitness RoutineSpring Clean Your Fitness Routine


Spring Clean Your Fitness Routine

Season changes are great times to evaluate your current workouts, revisit your goals, and revise your exercise plan. Reduce boredom and increase motivation with these tips to spring clean your fitness routine.

Let go of what isn’t working

If early morning exercise or the new trend at the gym isn’t working for you, it’s time to let it go. Morning workouts aren’t for everyone. Simply running or walking is more appealing to some people than a complicated dance workout. There is no reason to force yourself to do something that doesn’t feel right. Choose new ways to exercise and recommit to your workouts.

Take a break

If you’ve been pushing yourself since the start of the year, a short break may be what you need. Take some time to rest and reflect on how far you’ve come. It’s okay to stop exercising for a day or two. If you need a longer break, take it, but continue to keep your lifestyle active with leisure walks and hobbies that keep you moving.

Set new goals

It’s time to think about what you’ve accomplished and the goals you’ve been unable to reach. Are those goals still important? If not, create new ones. Often, as we try new activities and adapt to healthier lifestyles, what seemed important when we started may no longer be a priority. Set new goals based on the activities you enjoy.

Find out what’s new

If you feel winter has put you in an exercise rut, check out what’s new in your area. Maybe a Pilates or yoga studio recently opened. Perhaps trainers will be starting outdoor workouts at the park. Select something new to get you moving and revive your motivation.

Re-evaluate your support system

If your support system no longer gives you the encouragement you need, it may be time to break away. People change and goals evolve. Maybe you began with a great walking group, but now you are ready to start running. If no one else feels the same way, they may keep you from reaching your full fitness potential. You can still walk with them on some days, but find others who may also want to join you on a jog.


Volunteering can keep you moving and provide opportunities to meet new like-minded friends. Walk dogs at the local shelter or join a work-share CSA at a nearby farm. Find an organization that helps young people learn to dance or helps them train for a 5K. By meeting people and working together, you may find a new exercise group with similar fitness goals.

Lori Rice, M.S., is a nutritional scientist and author with a passion for healthy cooking, exercise physiology, and food photography.
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