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Family Outdoor Activities that Blast CaloriesFamily Outdoor Activities that Blast Calories


Family Outdoor Activities that Blast Calories
Toss a Frisbee with the family and burn 159 calories in an hour

Gather the family and get fit together. Enjoy beautiful weather by heading outside for some of these family-friendly activities that also burn calories for a great workout.

An afternoon at home

Hula hoop: Even if you have a hard time keeping the hoop around your hips, you can still burn calories trying. Set up a fun competition and time each family member to see who is the hula hoop champion. 60 minutes of hula hooping burns 405 calories.*

Hopscotch: Grab the sidewalk chalk and create your own hopscotch course on the driveway. It will keep the whole family entertained and active for the afternoon. 60 minutes of hopscotch burns 319 calories.

Planting and weeding the garden: Not only does growing a family garden keep you active, it is educational and supplies nutritious, fresh food. 60 minutes of planting and weeding the garden will burn 278 calories.

In the park

Trac ball and Frisbee: Whether it’s a game of disc golf, playing fetch with the dog, or playing catch with the family, the park is a great place to spread out and get moving. Outdoor game sets are inexpensive, and they can become a regular part of your active family time each week. 60 minutes of tossing around a Frisbee will burn 159 calories.

Rollerblading: Strap on a set of wheels, find a smooth path, and start rolling. Rollerblading or skating provides a great cardiovascular workout. 60 minutes of rollerblading blasts 877 calories!

Hiking: Pack some water and binoculars and head out on some easy trails with the family. The slight inclines and rougher terrain will burn more calories than pavement walking, and you’ll have the opportunity to see some wildlife. 60 minutes of hiking with up to a 9 pound pack burns 478 calories.

On an active vacation

Horseback riding: Saddle up and spend some time with animals while you explore nature. Even though you are being transported down the trail, horseback riding uses core and lower body muscles while burning calories. 60 minutes of riding will burn 239 calories.

Canoeing: Get out on the water and explore the lake in a canoe. Pick up the pace and have a family race to make it an even better workout. 60 minutes of moderate canoeing (4 to 5.9 mph) burns 478 calories.

Rock climbing: See nature from a new perspective and set out for a beginner rock climb that the whole family can handle. Once you reach the summit, take in the views and enjoy a healthy picnic lunch. 60 minutes of rock climbing at a low difficulty level will burn 393 calories.

*All calorie estimates are based on a 150-pound female.

Lori Rice, M.S., is a nutritional scientist and author with a passion for healthy cooking, exercise physiology, and food photography.
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