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Best Weight Loss Tips from MyFoodDiary MembersBest Weight Loss Tips from MyFoodDiary Members


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Build a support network and keep it fun

We asked MyFoodDiary members what advice they would share with someone starting their weight loss journey. This is what they told us.

  • Log your foods before you eat. If you wait until the end of the day to log your meals, you may find that you ate more than intended or that your diet lacked a balance of nutrients. Eliminate this risk by logging ahead of time.

  • Set achievable, short-term goals. If you are a long way from your ultimate fitness goal, set a reachable, short-term goal. Once you reach it, pat yourself on the back and set a new goal. Breaking up your journey into smaller steps will provide positive reinforcement along the way.

  • Build a support network. Tell your friends and loved ones about your goals. Frequently, they will share similar fitness goals, and they will join you on your journey. Additionally, you can use online support networks like our member forum to share tips and encouragement along the way.

  • Be patient. Those who have maintained weight loss know that slow and steady wins the race. Losing weight slowly allows you to make small changes that are sustainable. It also helps you maintain lean muscle mass as you lose fat.

  • The scale is only one measure of success. Don't limit yourself by how you define success. There are many ways to track progress beyond the scale. Changes such as improved mood, inches lost, smaller clothing sizes, and more energy are just as important as the number on the scale.

  • Don't cheat yourself. Log truthfully. If you routinely underestimate your serving sizes or overestimate your exercise, you'll only be cheating yourself.

  • Commit to a lifestyle change. Crash diets don't work because they only focus on short-term changes. Most people return to old habits and regain any weight that was lost. Successful long-term weight loss requires permanent changes. Eating healthier foods, controlling portion sizes, and exercising must become parts of your daily life.

  • Keep it fun. Find exercises and healthy foods that you actually enjoy. Remember, the goal is to create changes you can live with. Your healthy living plan should enhance the quality of your life, not be something you have to endure.

Lori Rice, M.S., is a nutritional scientist and author with a passion for healthy cooking, exercise physiology, and food photography.
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