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Frame Size Calculator

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The Wrist Method

The standard method is to measure the circumference of your wrist just above the bone.

Wrist measurement diagram.

Elbow measurement diagram.The Elbow Breadth Method

You can also calculate your frame size by measuring the breadth of your elbow.  This method tends to be more accurate than the wrist method, but it is a little more complex.  Use the instructions below to achieve a proper measurement.

How to measure:

1.) Extend your arm forward so that it is horizontal and parallel to the ground.

2.) Bend your elbow so your forearm is at 90º to the ground.

Elbow measurement diagram.3.) Place the forefinger and thumb of your other hand on either side of your elbow joint.

4.) Use your forefinger and thumb as a gauge to determine your elbow breadth by measuring the gap between them with a ruler.

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